Solar Power

Our market, art gallery, and homes are all powered by the sun. We use a collection of solar panels to harness the energy, which powers everything you see when you visit us! Stop in and ask us how it works, or take a Solar 101 class to find out if it's right for you!

Water Collection / Retention

We've got big roofs, and we cannot lie! We use those roofs to collect every drop of water via gutters and aqueducts. Those systems transport the rainwater to our retention systems, which allow us to hold thousands of gallons of water for the use of toilets, showering, cleaning and gardening.

ReUse / RePurpose

We find a use for what others don't want! Most of what you see from the buildings to the grounds of ICM have come from repurposed materials. It's not only a way to save money, but we're also doing our part to help keep more trash out of landfills.