Now, I know what you’re thinking. . . “What is this place?” Well, first and foremost  Industrial Country Market is a STORE!  Our main retail facility houses a unique variety of products, including jewelry, electronics, containers, gardening, books, gifts and so much more. Our retail store has THOUSANDS of products in stock. This much variety allows something for everyone! The building itself holds as much wonder and curiosity as the products inside! It’s a 6300 square foot pole barn, with an A-frame roof with gutters to collect rain water. The light fixtures are recycled, surplus skylights retrofitted as windows, reused corrugated metal used on the inside roof, and scavenged fan blades and motors are good examples of the recycle, repurpose, reuse applied principles.

Our Goods:  What kind of goods you ask?  Well, we ask ourselves that sometimes, too.  As residents of the Colorado County, we know what the needs are of the communities that lie outside of major cities.  Our goal was to bring you things that make your life in the countryside a little bit easier and a lot more fun!  Additionally, we also intend to cater to the curious and the commoner that are drawn to our facility by the bug-eye barn and rows of solar panels.  We’ve got plenty to see here, so come with the intentions to stick around for a while, and find something you need that makes your life a bit more enjoyable!

Our groceries: We’re as unique on the inside as we are on the outside. At Industrial Country Market we’ve brought all the specialty grocery stores from the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio areas into one location. Here you can get jams, chocolates, spices, and other goods, all in one place!