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Solar Classes Return!

Our next class will be held October 25th.

Contact us for more details or to register!


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When was the last time you were in?  I’ll bet we’ve got something else you need!  If you’ve never stopped by, we forgive you… We’d love for you to join us Friday-Sunday 10AM-6PM.

Solar 101

Learn to utilize solar panels in your home or business. Every Solar Class is unique and geared for each individual student. Please come prepared to discuss your specific solar vision and plan. Also come with your electric bill, photos of your property and any other relevant information for your specific environment.

Date: Returning in 2015!
Time: Saturday, 10am – 2pm
Price: $71/per person, $100/couple, $100/2 attendees

Solar 201

This is the second part to Solar 101, where we will go into more detail about planning your escape from the grid. We will focus on the long term potential of your investment.

Date: TBA
Solar 201: Design an OFF THE GRID Solar electrical system
Time: TBA
Price: $71/per person, $100/couple, $100/2 attendees

Hydroponics 101

In this course, you will learn how to grow plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil!

Date: Last Sunday of Every Month
Hydroponics 101: Hydroponic Gardening with Matt Hartmann
Time: 1pm-3pm
Price: $25/ per person

We require pre-registration 1 week before the scheduled class.
To do this, simply e-mail us @ or call Matt Hartmann @ 281-979-5353.
Payment for the class will be accepted at the time of the class.

In order for the class to be scheduled, 3 or more people must register 1 week prior to the assigned date.
For class confirmation, please contact us 48 hours before the scheduled class date.